Transform Tight Spaces: Space-Saving Bathroom Ideas for Architects

A guide for architects when designing for small bathrooms. 

As an architect, you know the challenge of fitting style, functionality, and client satisfaction into the cramped quarters of a small bathroom. A tight budget and deadline only make the situation worse. So, let us help you turn things around. Read on for space-saving bathroom ideas to make your next project a success.

Prioritise Essential Fixtures

When it comes to space-saving bathroom projects, choose the right fixtures. A compact, wall-mounted toilet can give your clients extra room, and you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics. The right retailer will provide fantastic, sleek options that not only save space but also add a touch of modern flair to your design. 

Then, think about installing a corner basin. Pedestal or wall-mounted basin designs fit snugly into corners, opening up the floor and creating a more spacious feel. And for those clients who can’t give up their baths, don’t worry. Space-saving options like built-in bathtubs or deep, compact tubs can provide that luxurious soak without taking over the room.

Utilise Vertical Space

Maximising vertical space is a game-changer in small bathrooms. Picture wall-hung and floor-standing cabinets in any style or colour your client desires, neatly storing all those toiletries and towels without hogging precious floor space. 

Counter top basins are another smart way to utilise vertical space. By sitting on top of the counter, these basins free up the area beneath for additional storage options such as drawers or shelves. They also create a focal point that can enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic. 

Choose Multifunctional Elements

Multifunctional elements are the unsung heroes of small bathroom design. Take mirrors, for example. Not only do they provide a handy spot for checking your reflection, but mirrored cabinets also offer much-needed storage while making the room feel larger. It’s a win-win. 

Play with Light and Colour

Never underestimate the power of light and colour in a small bathroom. Light, neutral colours like whites, light greys, and pastels can work wonders in making the room feel bigger. These shades reflect more light, enhancing the room’s sense of space. 

Speaking of light, make sure the bathroom is well-lit. Natural light is fantastic if you can get it, but a good mix of overhead lighting and wall sconces can also brighten the room and eliminate shadows, making it feel more inviting and spacious.

Be Smart with Layout Design

By being smart with your layout choices, you can create a bathroom that’s both functional and visually appealing, even in the smallest of spaces. Think about placing the toilet and basin along one wall. This setup not only streamlines the plumbing but also frees up floor space, making the room feel less cramped. Just ensure there’s enough clearance for each fixture to be used comfortably. 

If you’ve got more space to play with, design walk-in showers with glass enclosures to create an open, airy feel. Compared to enclosed shower stalls, they will open up the room. 

Best Space-Saving Products for a Small Bathroom

For architects seeking the highest-quality products combined with efficiency and style, look no further than Lecico’s Space-Saving Range. These products allow you to maximise every square centimetre of a bathroom without compromising aesthetics. 

Space Spacing Basins

Our small bathroom basins are made from germ- and scratch-resistant Vitreous China and suit a variety of settings, from hospitality and warehouses to public bathrooms and residential. 

All products:

Space-Spacing Toilets

Our space-saving toilets feature dual flush systems, slimline cisterns, and ultra-compact designs, making them ideal for various environments, from residential to public bathrooms. These models are also perfect for medical and elderly care facilities with comfort height options and compact depth extensions. 

Space-Saving Wall-Hung Pans

Introducing the Geo Rimless WHP Combo, a sleek space-saving wall-hung pan with an MDF seat, concealed cistern, and a choice of three stylish PurePress actuator plates (white, chrome, black). Ideal for commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality use, it features germ and scratch-resistant Vitreous China, supports up to 300kg, and ensures easy installation. 

Space-Spacing Urinal

Crafted from germ-and scratch-resistant Vitreous China, this urinal is available in 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm variants, with options for a back-entry spreader and waterless waste. Ideal for all industries, this item includes two brackets, waste, and a top-entry spreader.

Space-Saving Bath

The Tuffo 1700mm Built-In Bath is made from extra-thick sanitary-grade acrylic for greater heat retention and reinforced with fibreglass for superior durability. Perfect for residential, student housing, and hotel settings, this spacious bath measures 1700mm in length, 440mm in height, and 700mm in depth.

Maximising small bathroom spaces isn’t just about fitting everything in – it’s about embracing a “less is more” approach to create a space that feels both luxurious and practical. Lecico makes that process easier. Lecico makes that process easier for you. Contact us for space-saving bathroom products that make every centimetre count.