Specifications made SUPER EASY

SpecEasy on the LecicoSA website:

We provide easy access to valuable information, through our SpecEasy portal on our website, by providing the opportunity to both Architects (and other Project Professionals), as well as End-Users the ability to identify suitably designed products, with relevant dimension information and indicatory pricing at a click of a button.

Each of our products have:

* Technical data sheets
* CAD drawings
* Revit drawings
* Relevant dimension information
* Indicatory pricing guides

These files are all EASILY DOWNLOADABLE, at a click of a button!

To access the SpecEasy portal on the new LecicoSA website, please visit:

LecicoSA is the industry-leading bathroom solutions company favoured and selected for the following sanitary ware projects:

* Residential
* Contractors
* Medical
* School
* AAA Office
* Warehouse
* Commercial


If you would like more information about our Specifications Department, please contact our Specifications Consultant, Sulize Van Rensburg on:

Sulize van Rensburg

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