Aquarium Toilet in Japan

Loo with a (fishy) view!

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Since I started working at LecicoSA in January 2021, I try to find and share information about and pictures of unusual and interesting bathrooms around the world. Many people tell me that they love it when I post about funny or weird bathrooms. I’m determined to ensure that LecicoSA can stand out in the sanware industry by showing that talking about bathroom ceramics can be fun and entertaining.


Today’s unusual bathroom is a woman’s-only bathroom facility in Askashi, Japan.


The bathroom in question at the Hipopo Papa Café in Akashi, Japan is almost surreal.

Take a look at this YouTube video clip and immerse yourself in another bathroom universe 🙂



More about this amazing bathroom:


A well-known dating spot, the Hipopo Papa café is is probably the only café to have an actual aquarium toilet.

The world-famous loo is surrounded by exotic fish on three sides. This bathroom is the top-most visited attraction for tourists who come to Akashi, Japan. Apparently, the owner of the café spent over $270,000 to create the mesmerizing toilet!

Many visitors say that the white toilet looks like it is floating in a green under-sea world. This is the stuff of childhood fantasies of under-water adventures, treasures and mermaids!


It’s a bit fishy …

The women’s-only loo doesn’t make everyone smile, though …

Apparently some patrons end up spending too much time in the aquarium toilet, or, some people actually refuse to enter the bathroom because they find it rather daunting to ‘do the task’ with hundreds of sea creatures (including a male turtle) gazing at them!



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