Introducing the Atlas Back-to-Wall [back-entry] WC Pan.

Lovely, luxurious, contemporary, attractive, and stylish!

A Back-to-Wall toilet is a toilet pan that sits on the floor, with a concealed cistern that is hidden away in the wall, or in a furniture unit.

If you are looking for a toilet that is space-saving, as well as contemporary, then the Atlas Back-to-Wall pan might be perfect for you. This Back-to-Wall toilet creates a true sense of space in the bathroom, and, it provides a very real sense of luxurious elegance.

The LecicoSA Atlas Back-to-Wall [back-entry] pan is made of Vitreous China, and has the following dimensions:

Width: 366mm
Height: 395mm
Depth: 520mm

It would look perfect in homes, hotels, shopping malls, as well as in AAA Office spaces.

For more information about our Atlas Back-to-Wall pan, please visit this page on our awesome new website:

This Back-to-Wall pan will have you and your guests gasping with delight at its loveliness.

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