GEO Urinal (Top Inlet)

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Colour: WHITE
Weight: 12KG
W: 360mm H: 557mm D: 337mm


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The look of the Lecico GEO Urinals is distinctively influenced by the Cubist art and sculpture movement of the early 20th Century.

The Lecico GEO Urinals are designed for striking form and precision practicality. The GEO Urinals bring an unexpectedly artistic flair to the normally mundane design language of urinals.

We recommend the Lecico GEO Urinals for any of the following installations:

  • AAA Office
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Airbnbs, etc)
  • Commercial
  • Business (Conference Centres, Office Spaces, etc)
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism (Galleries, Visitor Attractions, Heritage Attractions, etc)


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Did You Know?

Lecico has two variants of the GEO urinal, namely, a top- and a back-inlet variant.


Please Note:
The Geo Top Inlet Urinal is not supplied with a flush valve.

The Geo Top Inlet Urinal is supplied with a Fixing Kit and Spreader.


Quick Facts:

  • The Lecico Geo Top Inlet Urinal is a white urinal made of Vitreous China.
  • The Geo Top Inlet Urinal weighs 12.00KG, is 360mm wide, 557mm in height, and has a depth extension of 337mm.