Atlas Back-to-Wall Rimless Pan (Back Entry)

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Colour: WHITE
Pan Weight: 23KG
Seat:Not Included
W: 373mm H: 389mm D: 500mm


Architects' Choice Range

Care plus range




Back-to-Wall toilets are elegant, stylish, and functional.

Back-to-Wall toilets do not need any support from a frame; they are fitted firmly against both the floor and the wall. This provides the security of a fitted toilet without the added hassle of installing a frame.

Fully glazed WC


Why Choose a Rimless Toilet?

Traditional toilets have a rim around the inner pan of the toilet where when you flush, the water distributes from underneath the toilet rim to dispose of waste.

A rimless toilet is a toilet pan that does not have the traditional inside rim. Instead of water flowing into the bowl all the way around the rim, a direct flush technique shoots water around the edge of a smooth pan.

As there is no rim, rimless toilets are easy to clean and more hygienic than a traditional toilet.

Rimless toilets offer improved and more economical flush technology!


Advantages of a Rimless Toilet:

  • More hygienic: Hard-to-reach areas of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for germs. Without a rim, and with the advanced flushing system washing those germs away, rimless toilets provide a more hygienic day-to-day experience.
  • Easier to clean: No inner rim means that cleaning the inside of the toilet pan is so much easier.
  • Improved flush technology: Rimless toilets provide improved and more targeted flush performance.


Recommended For:

We recommend the Atlas Back-to-Wall Rimless Pan for any of the following installations:

  • AAA Office
  • Hospitality
  • Commerical
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Medical and Health Care


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The Atlas Back-to-Wall Rimless Pan is not supplied with a Fixing Kit.
The Atlas Back-to-Wall Rimless Pan does not come with a seat [Please contact us for recommended Seat options].

This product is a Lecico Super Product!

Lecico Super Product