Atlas 50cm Medical Basin with 2-piece Concealed Stability Brackets Combo

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Colour: WHITE
Basin Weight: 11.59KG



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More Info about Lecico Medical Basins:

The Lecico Medical Basins are generously sized wall-hung basins designed for health and medical sites. They are perfect for sterile and safe environments that prioritise cleanliness and germ avoidance.

Please note, the Lecico Atlas 50cm Medical Basin has no tap, overflow, or chainstay holes – this makes it ideal for medical/sterile environments.


More Info about the Concealed Stability Basin Brackets:

This 2-piece, powder-coated steel, bracket set provides additional basin mounting security and strength.

This is particularly important in bathrooms used by individuals that might lean on the basin due to mobility challenges.


Recommended For:

We recommend the Atlas 50cm Medical Basin with Concealed Stability Basin Brackets for:

  • Health care and medical environments
  • Physical rehabilitation and treatment facilities
  • Clinics and treatment centres for health and beauty services
  • Strictly sterile medical, pharmaceutical, or pathology laboratories
  • Residential and health care facilities for individuals that are frail/elderly, or for individuals that have mobility challenges


Lecico Care Plus Range







Quick Facts:

The Lecico Atlas 50cm Medical Basin with 2-piece Concealed Stability Brackets Combo comprises a wall-mounted basin (50cm in width), as well as a 2-piece, powder-coated Concealed Stability Bracket set.

  • Bracket Colour: WHITE
  • Bracket Weight: 0,83KG
  • Bracket Material: Powder-Coated Steel

The Lecico Atlas 50cm Basin has two bolt holes, has a depth extension of 410mm, a height of 175mm, and weighs 9.56KG.

The 2-piece Concealed Stability Brackets weigh 0.83KG.