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Specified Bathroom Solutions

An Aspirational and Accessible Brand

Lecico bathroom ceramics are both highly desirable and affordable. Our extensive product range includes everything from stunning rimless wall hung pans and contemporary close coupled toilets to luxurious under-slung basins and luxe countertop basins, urinals, and bidets, as well as attractive and safe medical and assisted mobility bathroom sanware.

Delighting Customers

Customer delight is a distinctively Lecico experience. The company was founded on — and thrives today — because of our very tangible guiding principles of people-first and customer delight.

The Building Blocks of Beautiful Bathrooms

 Through our thoughtful and expansive curated product ranges, manufacturing excellence, and our industry leading international distribution network, Lecico’s beautiful bathroom ceramics are experienced and appreciated by a broad and inclusive demographic cross section. These components all work seamlessly together to deliver the beautiful bathrooms experience.

Partnering on Projects

Lecico has earned its place as the preferred choice for project practitioners. They save project practitioners time on specifications by providing super-easy access to valuable information, expert advice, and detailed technical specs in a variety of formats. We are proud of our place in the projects’ domain. As a brand, we have pioneered how people experientially engage with bathroom sanware. 

Curated Project Ranges

Linked to the ethos of customer delight, our website provides a comprehensive and intuitive repository of vital information aimed specifically at project practitioners. You are invited to explore the Lecico Architects’ Choice Ranges, ranges specifically curated for their relevance to, and popularity with, specifications.

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SpecEasy Specifications

SpecEasy Specifications

With our SpecEasy portal on our website, there is no need to browse through our entire project range.

We have sorted the products for you, and they have been categorised into project-specific clusters.

Each of our products have:

  • Technical data sheets
  • CAD drawings
  • Revit drawings
  • Relevant dimension information
  • Indicatory pricing guides

These files are all easily downloadable, at the click of a button.

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