Lecico Care+ Range

 The Lecico Care+ Range® 


Lecico’s Care+ Range® is a specifically curated range of quality bathroom ceramics / sanware that aims to create accessible, safe, comfortable, hygienic, and attractive bathroom spaces.

Our Care+ Range® is specifically suited for bathrooms used by / in:

  • Elderly / frail individuals  [and related residential and healthcare facilities]
  • Individuals with permanent / semi-permanent physical mobility challenges [and related healthcare facilities]
  • Individuals with temporary mobility challenges, including post-operative patients, people with sports injuries, and people with orthopedic injuries
  • Particularly tall people, or people with problems related to curvature of the spine (raised height toilets)
  • Healthcare and medical environments, including hospitals, clinics, specialists’ consulting rooms, medical practices, treatment rooms, radiology clinics, path labs, veterinary practices, and pharmaceutical environments
  • Physical rehabilitation and treatment facilities, including physiotherapy centres and sports injuries facilities
  • Wheelchair users and users of mobility aides
  • Treatment centres and clinics for aestheticians, cosmetologists, and allied health and beauty services
  • Strictly sterile medical, pharmaceutical and pathology laboratories
Lecico Care+ Range

Lecico Medical Basins

Lecico medical basins are generously sized, wall-hung basins designed for health, pharmaceutical, and medical sites:


  • They are perfect for sterile and safe environments that prioritise cleanliness and germ avoidance.
  • Lecico medical basins have no overflow holes for germ and bacteria accumulation.
  • These durable medical basins are made from scratch-and germ-resistant Vitreous China.
  • Our medical basins come in two sizes: 50cm and 60cm. 

Atlas 60cm Medical Basin

Atlas 60cm Medical Basin

Recommended for hospitals, medical practices, elderly care facilities, veterinary practices, health clinics, sterile laboratories, and more.

Concealed Stability Basin Brackets

As a suggested complement or addition to either the Atlas 50cm Medical Basin, or to the Atlas 60cm Medical Basin, we recommend our Concealed Stability Basin Brackets.

The 2-piece (powder-coated steel) bracket set provides additional basin mounting security and strength. This is particularly important in bathrooms used by individuals that might lean on the basin due to mobility challenges.


The Concealed Stability Basin Brackets can be ordered on their own, or, they can be ordered as an add-on product with our two Atlas Medical basins (Atlas 50cm Medical Basin, or, Atlas 60cm Medical Basin). 

Medical Basin with Concealed Stability Basins Combos:

We recommend the use of the Concealed Stability Basin Brackets with any wall-mounted basin. These brackets ensure the safety and stability of a basin, especially in bathrooms used by children or elderly individuals.

Lecico Back-to-Wall Toilets

Back-to-Wall (BTW) toilets are toilets that are installed against the wall or back unit. The cistern and all plumbing fixtures are discretely hidden in the wall or wall unit. This provides a neater and more spacious finish to the bathroom.

BTW toilets are a great option for space saving, or, for bathrooms that need to be spacious to accommodate wheelchair or walking frame users. 


Lecico Rimless Toilets

Traditional toilets have a rim around the inner pan of the toilet where when you flush, the water distributes from underneath the toilet rim to dispose of waste.

A rimless toilet is a toilet pan that does not have the traditional inside rim. Instead of water flowing into the bowl all the way round the rim, a direct flush technique shoots water around the edge of a smooth pan. 

As there is no rim, rimless toilets are easy to clean and more hygienic than a traditional toilet

  • MORE HYGIENIC  Hard-to-reach areas of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for germs to hide. Without this rim and with the advanced flushing system washing those germs away, rimless toilets provide a more hygienic day-to-day experience. 
  • EASIER TO CLEAN No inner rim means that cleaning the inside of the toilet pan is so much easier.
  • IMPROVED FLUSH TECHNOLOGY Rimless toilets provide improved and more targeted flush performance.

Care+ WC Sets


As part of our Care+ Range®, we proudly offer various Close Coupled and Low-Level toilets that are designed with accessibility, mobility, and comfort in mind.

The following are the Lecico Care+ Range® of accessibility-focused Close Coupled and Low-Level toilets:

Recommended for hospitals, medical practices, elderly care facilities, physical rehabilitation centres, physio practices, health clinics and more. 

Also suitable for households, residential facilities, or treatment centres accommodating tall, frail, post-operative, or elderly occupants.

The raised height toilets are particularly suitable for tall individuals as the the raised height pans make for a more comfortable seating experience.

The Lecico Medical Set:


LecicoSA offers two mobility assistance Grab Rails as part of its Care+ Range®:

These stainless steel grab rails provide secure grab reach and leverage for users.

We recommend the use of these grab rails for:

    • Elderly / frail individuals
    • Individuals with permanent and semi-permanent physical mobility concerns or challenges
    • Individuals with temporary mobility concerns or challenges (including post-operative patients, individuals with sports injuries, individuals with orthopaedic injuries)
    • Wheelchair users
    • Healthcare and medical environments
    • Physical rehabilitation and treatment facilities
    • Any commercial or residential site that requires accessible bathroom facilities for its users

The stainless steel grab rails (Cistern Grab Rail, and, Dog-Leg wall Grab Rail) can be ordered on their own, or, they can be ordered as an add-on product with the Atlas Assisted Mobility Close-Couple WC Set, or, with the Atlas Assisted Mobility Low-Level WC Set.

Atlas Mobility Assistance RAISED HEIGHT Close Couple WC Set, with 2-piece Mobility Assistance Grab Rails

Did You Know?

Public toilets can present accessibility challenges for people with disabilities, such as those people in wheelchairs.
Stalls may not be able to fit a wheelchair, and transferring between the wheelchair and the toilet seat may pose a challenge.
Accessible toilets are designed to address these issues by providing more space and bars for users to grab and hold during transfers.
These Disabled Toilets:
  • Follow certain regulations
  • Need larger floor space than other cubicles to allow space for a wheelchair to maneuver. This space is also useful for people who are not necessarily wheelchair users, but still need physical support from someone else
  • Have a wheelchair-height toilet, to help the user on and off the toilet, with handles (grab bars)