Why Choose Lecico?

Beautiful Product Designs

At Lecico, we are happy to offer our customers beautiful and aspirational bathroom ceramics.

Wide Range of Product Options

Our customers know that we provide a wide range of toilet, basin, urinal, and bidet product options.

Happy Customers, Always

Being customer-focused is not just a slogan for the Lecico team. Making customers happy is our minimum standard. Providing delightful customer experiences that exceed expectations is who we are.

Quality is Non-Negotiable

We are confident in the superlative quality of our bathroom ceramics. In an industry flooded with 'cheap', imitation, and inferior quality products, Lecico stands out with the excellence of our product quality and craftmanship.


Through improved control systems, our warehouse focuses not only on speed to market, but its accuracy in delivering right, first time.


As one of the largest importers of sanitaryware products in South Africa, we pride ourselves in our competitive pricing, and we strive to offer our customers an experience that ensures they become loyal advocates for the brand.


Continually ensuring that we maintain sufficient stock levels to meet demand.


Lecico bathroom ceramics are the preferred choice for projects, and our products proudly feature on many project specifications.

Indwe Counter Top Basin
The Indwe Counter Top Basin
Let your Lecico bathroom turn your home into a dream-come-true home.
Enjoy a bathroom that represents your unique personality.
Dealing with Lecico staff members is always a delightful experience.
Lecico beautiful bathrooms
Lecico's extensive product range will keep you smiling.
With Lecico, you will have a bathroom that your whole family will be proud of.
Lecico and Architects
Lecico has an entire Specifications Department that works directly with Architects.
The Lecico Care+ Range caters to people with specific mobility and comfort needs.
The Lecico website
Lecico's website has so much useful information.
Lecico quality assurance
Product quality is outstanding. With Lecico, all ceramic items have a reassuring 20-Year Warranty.
Lecico product images
Lecico product images help you visualise how the products will look in your bathroom.
The Lecico Assisted Mobility Range
Create accessible bathroom spaces with Lecico's Mobility Assistance Range of toilets.
Lecico quality standards
Highest international standards of quality - all aspects of Lecico manufacturing comply with ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 .
Enhanced hygiene and germ-control with Lecico's Rimless Toilets Range.
Lecico Medical Basins
Lecico's Medical Basins are perfect for health and medical sites and for sterile and safe environments that prioritise germ-avoidance.