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Who is LecicoSA?

Welcome to Lecico

A very warm welcome from all of us at Team LecicoSA. We are so glad that you have come to our website, and that you would like to find out more about us, what we do, and our products. 

We have done our best to ensure that our website answers any questions that you might have about us. At any stage, please do feel free to contact us if you would like assistance or additional information.

We are here to make your beautiful bathroom dreams come true.

A little info about us …


Team LecicoSA — we don’t just sell bathroom ceramics; we make people happy!

Founded in 1959, Lecico is a public company, quoted on the Cairo Stock Exchange.

Lecico is the leading bathroom solutions company favoured and selected for the following types of sanitary ware installations and projects: 

  • Residential
  • AAA Office
  • Medical & Health
  • Commercial
  • School
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Assisted Mobility
  • Mixed Use Spaces 

Our Manufacturing Factories:

With three super factories on the outskirts of Alexandria, in Egypt, Lecico employs more than 6 000 people and has the capacity to produce over 6.2 million pieces of ceramic per annum.

Internationally Certified Ceramics:

Our range of internationally certified ceramics is sold under both the Lecico brand, as well as under other internationally recognised brands.

Lecico Projects Division


Lecico is the preferred choice for architects, interior designers, contractors, and quantity surveyors.

Have you heard about the Lecico Projects Division?

Some Lecico 'Celebrity' Snap Shots:

Radiating oodles of AWESOME Lecico charm, Jolene and Alu making us proud
Bright and summery, and SUPUER AWESOME are Anne Vaudin and Darryl Hooper
Look at their AWESOME smiles, our Super Sales Agents Kabelo and Lee
The glowing and beautiful smiles of the VERY AWESOME Jacky and Thuthula
Tania pretty
Tania Saville, Lecico's SUPER Accounts Controller
Christian Kok 1
Christian Kok, Lecico's SUPER SALES AGENT for the Western Cape
AAA Donald and Saskia
Lecico's SUPER MD, Donald Scott, with our SUPER Procurement Specialist, Saskia De Lange
Build IT Trade show
Lecico's SUPER Gauteng Sales Heroes with the incredible Anne Vaudin, our Commercial Manager
The SUPER glam Andisiwe Ngwendu, Lecico's Sales Coordinator
Kabelo 22
Kabelo Makgobola, Lecico's SUPER Service Consultant in Gauteng
Our very SUPER Specifications Consultant, Sulize Van Rensburg
The GLAM super duo, Jacky Rossouw and Anne Vaudin
Our super-awesome HR Manager, Liesl Theron
Our AWESOME Kabelo attending a Customer Supplier Day
Our AWESOME Kabelo attending a Customer-Supplier Fun Day
Awesome ladies celebrating Valentines Day: Jolene and Saskia
Jo6 (2)
The AWESOME Jolene Braun celebrating a special day with the team
Lee-Ann 1
Lee-Ann showing us how cool AWESOME customer service is!
Our AWESOME finance duo of Karl and Tania. Go Team Lecico!
Thuthula 1
Thutula, our very AWESOME Financial Administrator
Liesl 1
The AWESOME world of HR with our dear Liesl
Jolene 1
Our most AWESOME Jolene taking a minute to smile for the camera
Sas 1
Saskia being her usual AWESOME self while taking care of Procurement
Andisiwe 1
Lecico's darling, the epically AWESOME Andisiwe
Our AWESOME Andy training the team about Lecico Urinals.
Our AWESOME Jacky showing just how comfortable the Comfort Round Close Couple is.
Lecico Ladies being AWESOME at the 2022 Blisters4Bread Fun Walk