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One of our extra special super powers is the simplification of your specifications by providing effortless access to valuable information, expertise, and detailed technical specs in a variety of useful formats.

We gladly give you real-time access to accurate information through three key channels — our SpecEasy specifications portal on our website; AutoSpec; and most importantly, via the expertise and skill of our Specifications Experts. 

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SpecEasy Specifications Portal

SpecEasy Specifications

With our SpecEasy portal on our website, there is no need to browse through our entire project range.

We have sorted the products for you, and they have been categorised into project-specific clusters.

Each of our products have:

  • Technical data sheets
  • CAD drawings
  • Revit drawings
  • Relevant dimension information
  • Indicatory pricing guides

These files are all easily downloadable, at the click of a button.