About Us

The art of ceramics, sanitaryware and bathroom suites

Lecico is a major global exporter of sanitary ware, and one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Founded in 1959, Lecico is a public company, which is quoted on both the London and Cairo Stock Exchanges.

What sets Lecico apart in a crowded world market place is Product Quality, Innovation and Competitive Pricing. From the beginning Lecico has set out to manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards, its competitive advantage is in its ability to produce world class goods at low costs due to due to proximity to its raw materials and labour in Egypt. The annual capacity of our two production locations in Egypt exceeds 6.2 million pieces, which makes Lecico one of the largest producers of ceramic sanitary ware in the world.

Lecico South Africa is proud to be the sole distributor of these quality products in Southern Africa, and our products can be found in all leading retailers and throughout South Africa.

Lecico started manufacturing bathroom suites and sanitaryware in Egypt some 45+ years ago and now produces thousands of pieces of the finest ceramic sanitaryware per day.

Through its ISO14001 accreditation, Lecico is committed to an environmental policy, which strives to:

Minimise materials

Minimise the use of materials and energy. Where possible we will use recycled material and renewable energy.

Minimise waste

Minimise waste in all aspect of our business.


Adopt and environmentally sound transport policy


Purchase recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible, including pallets and cartons.